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- Ayn Rand, "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" (1961)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Brief Notes on the Democrat-Socialist Party's Pep Rally

Now Playing: "Payin' the Cost to Be the Boss by B.B. King - a lyrical aptness to this week's events that's none too subtle...

'Been a long time gone - so sorry, but summer beckoned and I responded. Anyhoo, the Democrat-Socialist Party is having its pep rally in Colorado this week, and frankly I can't stand to sit through more than five consecutive minutes of it. It's not really what's being said so much as the mind-numbing boredom. Didn't I see and hear all of this same drivel exactly 32 years ago? Déjà Carter...more on that in a sec.

To be perfectly even-handed here, I'm not planning on doing much different with the GOP convention, though there may be a speaker or two I'm interested in hearing, should they turn out to have been invited - Shadegg, Pence, Coburn. You know, the people McCain wouldn't touch with a forty-foot Constitution-tested flamethrower as VP options. We'll see - in every sense.

Obama's choice of Biden was very, very strange - as was his decision to make The Earth-Shattering Announcement at 3am on a Saturday, almost as if he were embarrassed at his own pick and were trying to conceal it.

As if to confirm the sentiment, today's Gallup Daily tracking poll shows zero bounce for the Obama camp after the Biden pick. I could have told BO that - Biden and his appalling, often comically misguided worldview flatly bores me. Sorry folks, but aside from the occasional spectacular verbal gaffe, the man is a walking yawn factory, a Leftwing cipher. As a lifelong Republican I can't say I'm unhappy with his choice, but it's yet more evidence of Obama's lifetime of poor judgment.

On a lighter note, America's worst of the worst, Jimmy Carter, was essentially Miltonized by the Obama camp yesterday. The ex-President and proud midwife to modern Islamic terrorism was relegated to a four-and-a-half-minute prerecorded video clip, shown when the crowd had thinned for dinner, and a 60-second stroll across the stage with Rosalynn. That's it. No speech, just a walk & wave.

I wouldn't want to make a hasty assumption, but I think the Obama-Carter comparisons have gotten a little too close to the truth and a little too hot to handle. Or maybe the Democrats-in-charge have decided it's more prudent to keep the frothing anti-Semitism a little more discreet.

At any rate, it's looking more and more like a McGovern-type landslide defeat for the Democrats this November - even the expected rosy picture for Congressional Democrats has evaporated. Polls are showing overwhelming public support for new oil drilling that Pelosi & Co. have militantly stonewalled. That ought to be a no-brainer, and if the GOP "leadership" have enough remaining sense to focus on that issue - not just in the Presidential contest but Congressional ones too - they ought to be able to neutralize any Democrat-Socialist Congressional advantage.

And that's about all the silver lining I can pull out of this muck. Regardless of how badly Obama loses, we're still...stuck with McCain, and unless he has some kind of Matrix-Neo-type headshed that rearranges roughly 75% of his synaptic roadmap, we don't have much advantage over Obama except on national defense and energy.

More later.


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