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"Every movement that seeks to enslave a country, every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation's troubles and use as a justification of its own demand for dictatorial powers. In Soviet Russia, the scapegoat was the bourgeoisie; in Nazi Germany, it was the Jewish people; in America, it is the businessmen."
- Ayn Rand, "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" (1961)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Black Supremecism and the Obama Implosion

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As of last week the racist cat had been let out of the bag, and his name is Jeremiah Wright, preacher and 20-year intellectual mentor to Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Wright's frothing, racist anti-American rants are a matter of record, a record many on the neo-fascist Left would dearly love to obliterate as dearly as they'd love to silence their opposition on talk radio and the 'Net. Sadly for them, the First Amendment is, for the moment, still intact, and the cat, again, is forever out of the bag. We have all just gotten a horrific glimpse into the intellectual toxin behind Obama's slick façade of mild-mannered all-American Presidential candidate.

No, Obama is not Wright, and yes, he's issued a speech intended to distance himself from Wright's black supremecist rot. His campaign has hastily removed from its official website an endorsement of Obama by the militant racist group the "New Black Panther Party"; all major leftwing media have unceremoniously Spiked reporting on the endorsements of Obama by Daniel Ortega and Fidel Castro; and wife Michelle Obama's open contempt for America has been similarly swept under the rug. Ditto Obama's connection with indicted Syrian developer Tony Rezko and the disturbing financial relationship between the two. Pfft! Gone.

But there is nothing Obama - nor his supportive, cheering-squad media - can do to erase the last twenty years of his religious life. Every week for the last two decades Obama has taken his family to absorb the fascist vitriol of Jeremiah Wright and the black supremecist church he runs. Obama chose Wright and his church; he's clearly accepted what he has been hearing there; he chose Wright to conduct his marriage and to baptize his kids; his two daughters have grown up with that racist, anti-American drool as their formative intellectual backdrop.

The rationalizations to the effect that Obama "doesn't necessarily agree" with the black supremecist ideas dished out at Trinity United Church of Christ are powerless to sweep away an, er, inconvenient truth: Most people of sound, ethical mind would have been making for the exit doors on the day twenty years ago when they heard the very first racist, America-hating sentence - whether spewed by a Wright or a Farraklan or a David Duke or a Tom Metzger. Obama, having heard the Afro-Klan rantings of Wright, not only did not ditch Trinity church, but rather affirmed his tacit approval by remaining a devoted member of its congregation for twenty years and counting. Well, right up until the moment, roughly a week ago, when it became politically expedient to feign surprise and disapproval.

My question to the Obama camp and to the Democrat-Socialist Left: Granted your guy is in a rough spot of his own making, you really think we're that stupid?

Ordinarily I would say that the Obama run for the Presidency is now effectively over. A twenty-year acceptance of violent hate-speak against America and against...every ethnicity that is not of African derivation, is an instant disqualifier for the Presidency of the United States - or of any country that wishes to continue its existence.

But this is not an ordinary Presidential campaign season. Obama is running against two opponents who are virtual carbon copies politically, and who, along with the media and broad swaths of both Parties' "leadership," have taken a "kid gloves" approach to any discussion of Obama.

Historically, every Presidential candidate has been vetted for suitability for office through the (now-endless) campaign season. Politicians who have been on the national scene longer than...two years...add the scrutiny of their prior public record to that vetting process. Barack Obama has with few exceptions been treated as being somehow exempt from such scrutiny. Why?

There is a bizarre dynamic going on with Obama's candidacy, due to a.) his race and the historic implications of that race vis á vis the Presidency, b.) the fact that ideologically he's a hardcore but well-concealed socialist, and complicated by c.) the entire problem of Hillary Clinton's ambitions.

Since Obama is ethnically black - well, one-half black - hordes of people to whom the wavelengths of pigment-reflectivity are important are trumpeting his potential to become "the first black American President" as a significant milestone. Indeed, a black Presidency would eliminate the last remnants of the whole racial "ancestral victimization" lunacy that comedian Bill Cosby took so much heat for debunking before the NAACP on May 17, 2004. Since Obama's race is of prime importance to so many among the Demo-Socialist Left, and since vestigial Leftwing ideology is inherently impossible to defend in rational debate, Obama's supporters, predictably, have labeled anyone who attempts critical scrutiny of his radical-Left politics as someone attacking his race. It's a blatantly racist attempt to use race as leverage in securing a wildcard-type exemption from ideological scrutiny, indeed even the most rudimentary vetting for the office of United States President.

Try to imagine how long that kind of ploy would work if the candidate were Walter Williams, Janice Rogers Brown or Clarence Thomas. Well, we don't really have to imagine in Thomas' case, do we? Nor in Brown's case, for that matter.

In simple terms, if you are a Leftist and also member of an ethnic "minority," your race is deemed sufficient by the Left to exempt you from critical scrutiny of ideology or character; if you are a member of an ethnic "minority" but are a non-Leftist, you're fair game.

I think some people need to be reminded that this is the office of President of the United States at stake here, and that it is perfectly rational to question the fitness for that position of someone who for twenty years has had no ethical, social or political problem with Mr. "God Damn America."


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