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"Every movement that seeks to enslave a country, every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation's troubles and use as a justification of its own demand for dictatorial powers. In Soviet Russia, the scapegoat was the bourgeoisie; in Nazi Germany, it was the Jewish people; in America, it is the businessmen."
- Ayn Rand, "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" (1961)

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Giuliani's Wimp-Out Leaves Romney As Clear Choice

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In a thoroughly inexplicable move, Rudolph Giuliani dropped out of the GOP primary race on Thursday, leaving Mitt Romney as the sole choice for Republicans.

I say "inexplicable" because of my difficulty in believing that the man couldn't have stuck around a lousy five more days 'til "super Tuesday," in which he was expected to make his leap to the head of the pack with delagates from New York, New Jersey and California. Though his campaign was reportedly broke, and with a fatally-botched strategy in the early primaries, his early pullout is nonetheless bizarre. Presumably his poor choice of strategic advisors was matched from the outset by a lack of will to win.

At any rate, Romney is now the only actual Republican candidate in the GOP primary race, though that insufferable traitor John McCain, propped up with the vigorous and near-continuous campaigning by the major - read: leftwing - media, entertains himself with delusional self-stylizations as a "Reagan conservative." Methinks he's in for a large surprise come the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The leftwing-wannabe Huckabee too is trotting along in the dust, presumably out of some warped species of religious vanity.

This Tuesday's voting is a crapshoot, also a true test of what today's GOP is made of. I think of it as an intelligence test: Will the rank-and-file Republican voters close their eyes to McCain's atrocious record on virtually every key element of Republicanism throughout his political career, and buy into his threadbare "war hero" schtick? A bright nine-year-old can grasp the fact that a McCain vs. Clinton or Obama race would dump on America the first single-Party "election" in its history - a Party which is most accurately described as Fabian Fascist.

At a time when America is in a battle for the very survival of Western Civilization, the transfer of American government into the clutches of any of those megalomaniacal statists would be an unmitigated disaster.

Like him or not, Romney is our only rational choice in the GOP primary race.



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