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"Every movement that seeks to enslave a country, every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation's troubles and use as a justification of its own demand for dictatorial powers. In Soviet Russia, the scapegoat was the bourgeoisie; in Nazi Germany, it was the Jewish people; in America, it is the businessmen."
- Ayn Rand, "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" (1961)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hatred of Humanity: The Ideological Core of the American Left

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Philosopher Ayn Rand once made the pithy admonition "Don't bother to examine a folly, ask yourself only what it accomplishes." There are times, however, when a depth of depravity is observed that veritably demands that one seek its cause - particularly when most commentators seem either unable or unwilling to identify that cause.

This week's contemptible charade involving the visit of Iran's collectivist butcher, or more accurately the treatment of it by secondary parties in the United States, brings into sharp focus the newest depths of Leftwing depravity, not to mention of ineptitude, default and generalized spinelessness among the conservatives. Another such focal point was news of the latest pilgrimages southward by Hollywood play-actors, to lick the boots of Venezuela's collectivist butcher.

These are but two examples of many, proliferating everywhere from college campuses to political headlines to cinema screens to MP3 players. There is a consistent thread running through all of it that one would expect is obvious, yet which remains largely, tellingly, unspoken:

- How is it that a "prestigious" (well, maybe at one time,) American university, an institution one would presume to be inhabited by at least semi-intelligent minds, would choose to engineer and grant a vast propaganda coup to one of perhaps the Top 5 most brutal human rights violators crawling the face of planet Earth?

- How is it that, aside from the scores of sane people protesting Ah'm-A-Dinner-Jacket's glorious Columbia University appearance, we heard an auditorium-load of students offering thunderous applause, repeatedly, to someone whose closest ideological counterpart is Hermann Göring? [I would invite those brainless little Leftwing sycophants to have a good, long look at the kind of thing they're applauding...]

- How is it that, given the fact that the struggle we face is literally a war for the very survival of America and Western Civilization, the American Left have positioned themselves, openly and unapologetically, on the side of America's enemies at every turn?

- How is it that a major figure in the Democrat-Socialist Party, Rep. James Clyburn, openly admits that positive news from Iraq - i.e., news that America is winning there - "would be a real big problem for us," with the "us" meaning the Democrat-Socialists?

- How is it that after one hundred years, dozens upon dozens of shattered economies, generations of destroyed lives, a mountain of corpses estimated by a group of unusually-honest European Leftists to be well in excess of 100,000,000, and the epochal, worldwide changes ca. 1989-1990, the American Left continue a vestigial, militant belief that collectivism is still A Pretty Neato Idea and seek to impose it here, by force?

- How is it that soul-crushing dictatorships like Hugo  Chavez' Venezuela, Ahmad-In-A-Jar's Iran, Castro's Cuba, etc., are worshipped by a broad swath of the American Left, while the most demonstrably just, benevolent, prosperous and free nation on Earth is reflexively vilified by those same Leftists - all of whom curiously choose to remain here rather than under the dictatorships they admire?

*  *  *  *  *

The old "blame America first" excuses they typically offer have grown increasingly threadbare as the gap between the semi-free world's basic decency and the unspeakable brutality of the regimes and ideologies they admire becomes ever more pronounced.

I could spend hours and reams documenting the manifestly absurd: the proposition that America in its most egregious faults bears rational comparison to the savage barbarity of collectivism of any variety or era. Frankly the latter subject is sickening to any civilized being, but like the horrific video of Iranian "justice" linked above, it is vital that we periodically remind ourselves what we're up against - and what the American Left, from mindless intellectual vandals like Soros and Chomsky to their applauding progeny at Columbia, are endorsing.

One could - more easily than is comfortable, even for a polemecist - come to the conclusion that the American Left are simply too stupid to grasp the difference between life and death, between survival and suicide. That the Left's cognitive mode is overwhelmingly emotion-driven is obvious, yet every living entity, from protozoan to human, possesses a purposive, hard-wired instinct to remain alive.

The difference is that human beings, exclusively, possess the ability to choose the evil and the irrational, consciously. That includes the choice of self-destruction.

Where that urge comes from, well that's the point at which I'll defer to Rand's admonition and/or the research of psychotherapists - why some people consciously choose destructive irrationality is beyond the scope of this post, at any rate. The point is, some do, in fact.

So I'm left with these elemental, nagging questions - so elemental, in fact, that they're difficult even to formulate in words. An attempt:

- What is it about leaving other individual human beings free to live and flourish as they see fit, unmolested, that Leftists do not understand?

- What is it that makes them strive to control the lives of others by brute force, either directly or by proxy(government policy)?

- What species of psychosis prompts some to struggle to appoint themselves as deities and subjugate entire nations under iron fists and reigns of terror?

- What is it that lowers a (former) human being to the level of depravity that finds gleeful enjoyment in the suffering of others?

- What species of worm admires and applauds such tyranny, or at best, turns a blind eye to it?

- What kind of ethical corruption must occur for a person to attack, simultaneously, the single most consistent defender of human rights in human history, the United States of America?

- What kind of militant self-delusion must one perform to obliterate the moral distinction between the extremes of pro-humanity and hatred of humanity that that inversion implies?

*  *  *  *  *

The non-Left, of whatever variety, need to pause for a re-examination of basic premises - most importantly, the premise that the American Left are just as concerned with the advancement of the human condition as the rest of us, but are merely mistaken as to means.

Whether it's just a consequence of the worldwide implosion of their cherished ideology ca. 1989, or the imminent collapse of their last-gasp replacement, is academic.

The salient fact is this: The Left, demonstrably, have devolved from mere advocacy of collectivist ideology into a raging nihilism that is at war against America and Western Civilization, therefore against humanity itself.

Look at the consistent irrationality in contemporary Leftwing advocacy, the inverted ethics in virtually every arena, from politics to academia to entertainment.

This inversion is "inexplicable" only if one presumes the Left to be fellow advocates for the advancement of humanity.

=> Now look again, from the perspective of the Left's ideological slide into raw hatred of humanity. You will find that everything fits, that their every action follows logically from that core.


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