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- Ayn Rand, "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" (1961)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yet More Debate Notes

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Another week, another debate in an endless campaign cycle. When McCain/Palin lock this thing up, let's hope that one of the first things they hammer out is a reform of Presidential primaries, maybe restoration of the earliest primary to a nice tolerable maximum of eight months prior to general elections.

What the Democrat-Socialist Party's corrupt, intentional truncation of Bush's second term by roughly one-half has done is to replace one half of this and every future American Presidential term with a different form of government: First a rule by committee or tribal council - made up of the pack of candidates from both Parties - followed by a de facto triumvirate, consisting of the sitting President and the two opposing challengers (assuming the sitting President himself is not running for re-election, in which case it's a kind of uneasy, two-year "co-Presidency.")

None of which is allowable under the Constitution.

As if the United States Constitution yet mattered to any given Democrat. By now it ought to be obvious that to today's neo-barbarian Democrats that particular document is only a tool, to be utilized or ignored as expediency demands.

In tonight's debate - and through the remainder of this campaign - the win is there for McCain/Palin's taking. Yes, I know that all of the polls are reflecting the Primacy of Consciousness view of the standings. In the interests of "fairness," maybe. For the philosophically uninitiated, the Primacy of Consciousness is the Platonic school of thought that says that there is no reality independent of consciousness, rather that consiousness creates or determines reality. In short, it's the view that "It's true because I say so." The valid antithesis to that demonstrable fraud is the Primacy of Existence, hammered out by America's first Founding Father, Aristotle - which states, irrefutably, that existence exists independently, regardless of the wishes of anyone within it. Anyhow, the polls' sponsors are singing a unison paean to Obama, with a current (as of October 15,) median (with the polar extremes excised,) of something like Obama 48% to McCain 44%, a.k.a. a dead heat.

This election is nearly impossible to call at this point, even though historically the polls were spectacularly, landslidingly wrong in their skew to the Democrat side in the 1980, 1984 and 1988 elections. The primary reason (pun if you want one,) is that never in our lifetimes have the media been so comprehensively, unconcealedly shilling for a single candidate. The factual examples are as endless as the last two years' "news" articles, but one need look no farther than a simple comparison between the media's treatment of the Foley scandal in 2006 and the near-identical scandal of his Democrat successor, Tim Mahoney, right today as you read this.

Yes, it's true: Foley's Democrat-Socialist successor, Tim Mahoney, is embroiled in a sex scandal. What, you didn't know? It differs only in the plumbing of the various sexual partners and in the fact that, for some reason, this time nobody's demanding the resignation of the House speaker for covering up the story. When the story started to filter through - mostly via talk radio, which the Demo-Soc barbarians' Constitution-shredding wing is clamoring to censor - Pelosi abruptly found her voice and decided it was time to have a look at it. Maybe she was just distracted.

So I have absolutely zero trust of what I hear from news media and their polls. They're giving the concept of "giggling cheerleaders" a bad name. Therefore we're left to rely on the one poll that is decisive, the one that will be taken on November 4. Even that has been clouded in doubt, since "ACORN," an Obamanista organization from way back that is up to its hairy eyebrows in the mortgage meltdown, has also been working diligently to destroy the cornerstone of America: pluralism itself.

If law enforcement is still capable of... enforcing the law, we will have this Obama-Campaign-sponsored attack on American pluralism cleaned up and indictments handed down for all involved, well before Election Day.  And assuming an accurate and properly-administered election, a whole lot of Obama supporters who've been glued to poll data will be in for a rude awakening on November 5.

If one half of the American population are committed to the destruction of American pluralism - and it would apppear they are - and if they are allowed to succeed as they very nearly did in November and December of 2000, then American liberty itself is in jeopardy.

Now, though the debate is roughly 40 minutes along, I'm going to grab some food instead of trying to do play-by-play. I'll have a look at it on repeat, but I expect it'll be roughly identical to that of September 26, (excepting the absence of a roomful of mostly clueless participant-questioners): No major advantage gained, no opinions changed.

I'll be glad when this endless campaign is over, and the saturation coverage of that Illinois Marxist will at last be behind us.


Blogger Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Now that the debates are over, it's time to get down to business and vote on Election Day. Don't let our great nation down!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Objective Eye said...

[Erratum: I had mistakenly repeated "Primacy of Consciousness" as attributable to Aristotle, when the real term is "Primacy of Existence." 'Fixed it.]

Hello PCC,
Yeah, that's fit subject for a post on its own: The need for the GOP from top to bottom to shift into high gear for the next three weeks, and get at least as aggressive in Republican voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts as the Democrat-Socialists are at instigating voter fraud.

This is war for the future of human liberty, but so far the GOP "leadership," particularly groups like the NRCC and RNC, are doing little more than trying to raise money. They've needlessly conceded Congressional losses to the Demos, and they're virtually silent on the Presidential race.

Something as simple as talking to family, friends and co-workers you know are GOP or independent and making sure they're registered and that they're going to get off their duffs on Election Day.

As for my vote, I will have to vote for McCain though I have serious problems with him ideologically, unless it becomes clear that California is conceded to BO, in which case I can do a write-in on conscience with no wastage.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Objective Eye said...

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10:19 PM  

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