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"Every movement that seeks to enslave a country, every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation's troubles and use as a justification of its own demand for dictatorial powers. In Soviet Russia, the scapegoat was the bourgeoisie; in Nazi Germany, it was the Jewish people; in America, it is the businessmen."
- Ayn Rand, "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" (1961)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Open Letter to the GOP: Obama Candidacy as an American Crisis, i.e., Failure is Not an Option

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Perhaps this post is superfluous in that McCain/Palin's numbers have seen a dramatic and consistent late-campaign surge in polls - even when filtered through the stunningly biased media that sponsor and report them. At any rate, I think it's worthwhile to reiterate the vast, crisis-level threat to core Americanism that the Obama candidacy and the political context in which it has appeared represent. For the knee-jerk types not in the habit of listening to reasoned discussion nor of reading earlier posts, you can drop the "fear of a black candidate" race-baiting pretty much any time now. I don't give a damn if the candidate is orange, blue or purple with aquamarine polka-dots. This is about ideology. If you want "proof of color-blindness," you can take note of the fact that Janice Rogers Brown stands foremost in my mind as the single figure within D.C. government who really gets it, all the way down the philosophic line to First Principles - something of which the GOP "leadership" currently have no clue.

On the other hand, what we have in Obama, in hard factual evidence, is a candidate that:

- Openly advocates the transformation of America's semi-free, semi-capitalist system into a full-blown socialist state with all its noxious and deadly trimmings: obliteration of property rights under "redistribution" or "spreading the wealth around," massive expansion of the size, scope, expense and power of the State over individuals, and by extrapolation of his chosen ideological and personal associations, the subjugation of any and all who dare disagree;

- Openly advocates moral capitulation to the absolute worst of the world's butchers, thugs and tinhorn dictators - to basically the Who's Who of Worldwide Tyranny - concurrent with a policy of gutting America's defense, which defense is the first obligation of government under the Constitution...;

- Openly advocates, along with his ideological clones in Reid, Pelosi, et al., the shredding of the First Amendment, the censorship of his/their prime political opposition via the corruptly misnamed "fairness doctrine";

- Considers the United States Constitution, that precious, indispensible lifeline to individual liberty, to be "fundamentally flawed" - which given the Obama "change" mantra one can only assume to mean: something to be obliterated in favor of some other (i.e., collectivist and therefore deadly) credo;

- Openly advocates the complete reversal of the Founder's magnificent, historically-unprecedented achievement: Their subordination of the collective to the individual, their subordination of might to right, their subordination of "nations of men" to a "nation of laws";

- Openly advocates writing into binding law a catastrophic logical contradiction that philosopher Ayn Rand identified explicitly a full forty-five years ago: the notion that one can establish "rights" that depend by their very nature on the violation of the legitimate rights of others - i.e., a "right to violate rights," i.e., slavery. For the first time in a generation a Presidential candidate and his Party are, once again, openly advocating not just confiscatory taxation, but the establishment of "rights" to goods and services produced by other people, to be confiscated by brute force for the purpose;

- Openly acknowledges - rather, brags about - having worked with militant Marxist "Weather Underground" terrorist William Ayers on education "reform" in Chicago - which "reform" involves transforming the education of American children into a neo-Leninist indoctrination in "revolution";

- Not-so-openly chooses as friends and mentors frothing, racist, America-hating black supremecists; Marxist professors; who remains curiously silent while those chosen mentors heap praise and awards on the "Nation of Islam's" virulent racist Louis Farrakhan, etc. ad nauseam.

Folks, over its 232 years America has seen its share of gutter-evil haters of humanity; its bloodthirsty killers; its fascist, socialist and other collectivist-variant killers and killer-wannabes; its domestic terrorists and its mass murderers. And always, they were ultimately acknowledged as outlaws acting in defiance of America's core principles of reason and ethically-inalienable individual rights.

But never has America had a Presidential candidate who has, at various times throughout his life, made ideological common cause with elements from all of those groups, in "unity" against the most moral, decent, demonstrably good civilization in human history: America and, by extension, the whole of that Western Civilization.

* It is time for the GOP to wake up - though I think it finally has - and mobilize to defeat the Obama machine;

* Time to stop complaining about media that are monolithically in the pocket of the Obama campaign, and rather to perform an all-out last minute voter mobilization drive and get this election won, decisively;

* Time to network geometrically with any and all who value liberty, to persuade any on-the-fence "undecided" voters that their very lives and the very civilization in which they live and thrive are at stake here.

_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ \_ \_ \_ \_ \_ \_ \_

=> Above all, it is time for the GOP to wake itself up to its most catastrophic of defaults: Its de facto relinquishment of American education into the hands of these selfsame militant collectivist thugs.

See, there is a reason for this seemingly bizarre Obama phenomenon - an obscure politician with next to zero political experience who's suddenly propelled into the limelight, then to within reach of the most powerful office in the semi-free world, in the space of a decade.

That reason is: A generation of new voters who've just completed 12+ years of education under militant Leftwing academics.

The reason for that, in turn and to complete the circle, is: Republican "leadership" that's long since jettisoned its grasp of its ostensible First Principles (see the essays Man's Rights and The Nature of Government by Rand,) and allowed the education of their children to be carried out by people with, at best, a sneering contempt for the best within America, and at worst with an open desire to repeat Hitler's bloodbath four times over, right here in America.

As Rand said again and again: It is ideas, not people, that determine the course of history and the fate of nations. It was not Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Guevara, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-Il, Milosevic, Ceauceascu and the like who created their respective barbarities by themselves or even via their cliques of like-minded killers, it was the people-at-large who put them in power and thereby enabled them to murder on a massive scale.

It is my own opinion that the frothing, goose-stepping collectivist ideologue is not motivated primarily by his/her warped, misanthropic worldview, but rather by a core-level bloodlust, a simple desire to... murder on a massive scale.

The ideology is just an enabling mechanism.

The choice of the wrong ideology, therefore, and to paraphrase John Ridpath, is as deadly as the choice of poison over food. If the population are allowed to be maleducated and/or intentionally miseducated with such poison, to expect some result other than disaster is irrational.

As philosopher Leonard Peikoff put it in his disturbing, landmark work The Ominous Parallels, we have come dangerously close to the point of no return.

So it is imperative that from this point forward the number one priority of the Republican establishment, as well as the libertarians and every other non-Democrat-Socialist organization in this country, should be to take back education from the intellectual killers who by their own admission seek to manufacture their future enablers via the replacement of education with collectivist indoctrination.

No, we can't know in advance if Obama's ideology, either stated or strenuously-concealed, is merely the rhetoric of a benign Leftwing radical (if such a thing can be posited with a straight face,) and we won't know until next Tuesday if the American population have become so intellectually corrupt, so historically vacuous, and so divorced from their valuation of even their own liberty that they will vote that liberty away in the manner of a collective/collectivist suicide.

What we can know with certainty is that if mankind is to have a future that does not involve a descent into the barbarity and raw evil of another collectivist "experiment," if mankind is instead to reclaim civilization's intellectual bedrock and spark another Renaissance and Enlightenment, then we must take back the whole of our educational establishment from the intellectual child molesters who have been allowed to set up shop right in front of America's young people.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yet More Debate Notes

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Another week, another debate in an endless campaign cycle. When McCain/Palin lock this thing up, let's hope that one of the first things they hammer out is a reform of Presidential primaries, maybe restoration of the earliest primary to a nice tolerable maximum of eight months prior to general elections.

What the Democrat-Socialist Party's corrupt, intentional truncation of Bush's second term by roughly one-half has done is to replace one half of this and every future American Presidential term with a different form of government: First a rule by committee or tribal council - made up of the pack of candidates from both Parties - followed by a de facto triumvirate, consisting of the sitting President and the two opposing challengers (assuming the sitting President himself is not running for re-election, in which case it's a kind of uneasy, two-year "co-Presidency.")

None of which is allowable under the Constitution.

As if the United States Constitution yet mattered to any given Democrat. By now it ought to be obvious that to today's neo-barbarian Democrats that particular document is only a tool, to be utilized or ignored as expediency demands.

In tonight's debate - and through the remainder of this campaign - the win is there for McCain/Palin's taking. Yes, I know that all of the polls are reflecting the Primacy of Consciousness view of the standings. In the interests of "fairness," maybe. For the philosophically uninitiated, the Primacy of Consciousness is the Platonic school of thought that says that there is no reality independent of consciousness, rather that consiousness creates or determines reality. In short, it's the view that "It's true because I say so." The valid antithesis to that demonstrable fraud is the Primacy of Existence, hammered out by America's first Founding Father, Aristotle - which states, irrefutably, that existence exists independently, regardless of the wishes of anyone within it. Anyhow, the polls' sponsors are singing a unison paean to Obama, with a current (as of October 15,) median (with the polar extremes excised,) of something like Obama 48% to McCain 44%, a.k.a. a dead heat.

This election is nearly impossible to call at this point, even though historically the polls were spectacularly, landslidingly wrong in their skew to the Democrat side in the 1980, 1984 and 1988 elections. The primary reason (pun if you want one,) is that never in our lifetimes have the media been so comprehensively, unconcealedly shilling for a single candidate. The factual examples are as endless as the last two years' "news" articles, but one need look no farther than a simple comparison between the media's treatment of the Foley scandal in 2006 and the near-identical scandal of his Democrat successor, Tim Mahoney, right today as you read this.

Yes, it's true: Foley's Democrat-Socialist successor, Tim Mahoney, is embroiled in a sex scandal. What, you didn't know? It differs only in the plumbing of the various sexual partners and in the fact that, for some reason, this time nobody's demanding the resignation of the House speaker for covering up the story. When the story started to filter through - mostly via talk radio, which the Demo-Soc barbarians' Constitution-shredding wing is clamoring to censor - Pelosi abruptly found her voice and decided it was time to have a look at it. Maybe she was just distracted.

So I have absolutely zero trust of what I hear from news media and their polls. They're giving the concept of "giggling cheerleaders" a bad name. Therefore we're left to rely on the one poll that is decisive, the one that will be taken on November 4. Even that has been clouded in doubt, since "ACORN," an Obamanista organization from way back that is up to its hairy eyebrows in the mortgage meltdown, has also been working diligently to destroy the cornerstone of America: pluralism itself.

If law enforcement is still capable of... enforcing the law, we will have this Obama-Campaign-sponsored attack on American pluralism cleaned up and indictments handed down for all involved, well before Election Day.  And assuming an accurate and properly-administered election, a whole lot of Obama supporters who've been glued to poll data will be in for a rude awakening on November 5.

If one half of the American population are committed to the destruction of American pluralism - and it would apppear they are - and if they are allowed to succeed as they very nearly did in November and December of 2000, then American liberty itself is in jeopardy.

Now, though the debate is roughly 40 minutes along, I'm going to grab some food instead of trying to do play-by-play. I'll have a look at it on repeat, but I expect it'll be roughly identical to that of September 26, (excepting the absence of a roomful of mostly clueless participant-questioners): No major advantage gained, no opinions changed.

I'll be glad when this endless campaign is over, and the saturation coverage of that Illinois Marxist will at last be behind us.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Grilling The Perp

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Wesley Mouch lives.

It's never going to happen, but one wishes that at least a handful of Republican Congressmen would trade their "go-along-to-get-along" Nice Guy posture for some of what Mr. O'Reilly's been imbibing. Philosophically O'Reilly is all over the map but one thing he's got is a full understanding of how to scrap when the situation calls for it. No, emotion is seldom the best mode of discourse, but neither is the Dead Bug posture the GOP "leadership" have adopted - when they're not joining creeps like Frank in signing onto the monstrosity that's just become law. It's a sad thing when the simple fact of someone openly and unapologetically challenging a crook becomes cause for celebration...

To get a little perspective on what the Franks, Dodds, Pelosis, Reids and...Bushes and McCains have just signed off on; some of the lard, tinkerings, manipulations and goodies tacked onto this vast, slobbering mutant pig:

Targeted Tax Credits and Changes

Sec. 101. Renewable energy credit.
Sec. 102. Production credit for electricity produced from marine renewables.
Sec. 103. Energy credit.
Sec. 104. Energy credit for small wind property.
Sec. 105. Energy credit for geothermal heat pump systems.
Sec. 106. Credit for residential energy efficient property.
Sec. 107. New clean renewable energy bonds.
Sec. 108. Credit for steel industry fuel.
Sec. 109. Special rule to implement FERC and State electric restructuring policy.
Sec. 111. Expansion and modification of advanced coal project investment credit.
Sec. 112. Expansion and modification of coal gasification investment credit.
Sec. 113. Temporary increase in coal excise tax; funding of Black Lung Disability Trust Fund.
Sec. 114. Special rules for refund of the coal excise tax to certain coal producers and exporters.
Sec. 115. Tax credit for carbon dioxide sequestration.
Sec. 116. Certain income and gains relating to industrial source carbon dioxide treated as qualifying income for publicly traded partnerships.
Sec. 117. Carbon audit of the tax code.
Sec. 201. Inclusion of cellulosic biofuel in bonus depreciation for biomass ethanol plant property.
Sec. 202. Credits for biodiesel and renewable diesel.
Sec. 203. Clarification that credits for fuel are designed to provide an incentive for United States production.
Sec. 204. Extension and modification of alternative fuel credit.
Sec. 205. Credit for new qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicles.
Sec. 206. Exclusion from heavy truck tax for idling reduction units and advanced insulation.
Sec. 207. Alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit.
Sec. 208. Certain income and gains relating to alcohol fuels and mixtures, biodiesel fuels and mixtures, and alternative fuels and mixtures treated as qualifying income for publicly traded partnerships.
Sec. 209. Extension and modification of election to expense certain refineries.
Sec. 210. Extension of suspension of taxable income limit on percentage depletion for oil and natural gas produced from marginal properties.
Sec. 211. Transportation fringe benefit to bicycle commuters.
Sec. 301. Qualified energy conservation bonds.
Sec. 302. Credit for nonbusiness energy property.
Sec. 303. Energy efficient commercial buildings deduction.
Sec. 304. New energy efficient home credit.
Sec. 305. Modifications of energy efficient appliance credit for appliances produced after 2007.

Other Tax Credits and Changes

Sec. 101. Extension of alternative minimum tax relief for nonrefundable personal credits.
Sec. 102. Extension of increased alternative minimum tax exemption amount.
Sec. 103. Increase of AMT refundable credit amount for individuals with longterm unused credits for prior year minimum tax liability, etc.
Sec. 201. Deduction for State and local sales taxes.
Sec. 202. Deduction of qualified tuition and related expenses.
Sec. 203. Deduction for certain expenses of elementary and secondary school teachers.
Sec. 204. Additional standard deduction for real property taxes for nonitemizers.
Sec. 205. Tax-free distributions from individual retirement plans for charitable purposes.
Sec. 206. Treatment of certain dividends of regulated investment companies.
Sec. 207. Stock in RIC for purposes of determining estates of nonresidents not citizens.
Sec. 208. Qualified investment entities.
Sec. 301. Extension and modification of research credit.
Sec. 302. New markets tax credit.
Sec. 303. Subpart F exception for active financing income.
Sec. 304. Extension of look-thru rule for related controlled foreign corporations.
Sec. 305. Extension of 15-year straight-line cost recovery for qualified leasehold improvements and qualified restaurant improvements; 15-year straight-line cost recovery for certain improvements to retail space.
Sec. 306. Modification of tax treatment of certain payments to controlling exempt organizations.
Sec. 307. Basis adjustment to stock of S corporations making charitable contributions of property.
Sec. 308. Increase in limit on cover over of rum excise tax to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Sec. 309. Extension of economic development credit for American Samoa.
Sec. 310. Extension of mine rescue team training credit.
Sec. 311. Extension of election to expense advanced mine safety equipment.
Sec. 312. Deduction allowable with respect to income attributable to domestic production activities in Puerto Rico.
Sec. 313. Qualified zone academy bonds.
Sec. 314. Indian employment credit.
Sec. 315. Accelerated depreciation for business property on Indian reservations.
Sec. 316. Railroad track maintenance.
Sec. 317. Seven-year cost recovery period for motorsports racing track facility.
Sec. 318. Expensing of environmental remediation costs.
Sec. 319. Extension of work opportunity tax credit for Hurricane Katrina employees.
Sec. 320. Extension of increased rehabilitation credit for structures in the Gulf Opportunity Zone.
Sec. 321. Enhanced deduction for qualified computer contributions.
Sec. 322. Tax incentives for investment in the District of Columbia.
Sec. 323. Enhanced charitable deductions for contributions of food inventory.
Sec. 324. Extension of enhanced charitable deduction for contributions of book inventory.
Sec. 325. Extension and modification of duty suspension on wool products; wool research fund; wool duty refunds.
Sec. 401. Permanent authority for undercover operations.
Sec. 402. Permanent authority for disclosure of information relating to terrorist activities.
Sec. 501. $8,500 income threshold used to calculate refundable portion of child tax credit.
Sec. 502. Provisions related to film and television productions.
Sec. 503. Exemption from excise tax for certain wooden arrows designed for use by children.
Sec. 504. Income averaging for amounts received in connection with the Exxon Valdez litigation.
Sec. 505. Certain farming business machinery and equipment treated as 5-year property.
Sec. 506. Modification of penalty on understatement of taxpayer’s liability by tax return preparer.
Sec. 512. Mental health parity.
Sec. 601. Secure rural schools and community self-determination program.
Sec. 602. Transfer to abandoned mine reclamation fund.
Sec. 702. Temporary tax relief for areas damaged by 2008 Midwestern severe storms, tornados, and flooding.
Sec. 703. Reporting requirements relating to disaster relief contributions.
Sec. 704. Temporary tax-exempt bond financing and low-income housing tax relief for areas damaged by Hurricane Ike.
Sec. 706. Losses attributable to federally declared disasters.
Sec. 707. Expensing of Qualified Disaster Expenses.
Sec. 708. Net operating losses attributable to federally declared disasters.
Sec. 709. Waiver of certain mortgage revenue bond requirements following federally declared disasters.
Sec. 710. Special depreciation allowance for qualified disaster property.
Sec. 711. Increased expensing for qualified disaster assistance property.
Sec. 712. Coordination with Heartland disaster relief.
Sec. 801. Nonqualified deferred compensation from certain tax indifferent parties.

No more. I've reached my disgust limit for the day. Later.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debate Non-Coverage

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I'm not going to do play-by-play commentary on this debate folks. I'm not a journalist, and I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm a journalist. Granted, a ham sandwich could do a better job than 90% of the "journalists" out there today - hence the explosive popularity of the New Media and the precipitous nosedive in viewership and readership of "mainstream" media.

I don't type that fast, so just some general observations, as they come up...

#1: Why is there a live audience? Is this "Jeopardy?" Given the Katie Couric interview and the blatant conflict of interest in the "moderater" of this debate I suppose you could say that it is, copyright infringement notwithstanding. Yet I have that question: Why? So far they're fairly well-behaved, but... I'm watching this to find out what these two - that's: two - people think about this and that vis-à-vis the American political scene, not what a random audience of irrelevant outbursts thinks.

- Both candidates have utterly, infuriatingly, remained floating entirely on the populist surface of the current economic debacle. The downside goes mostly to Palin, because (shock of all shocks,) she is the Republican candidate. And there she stands, pointing the fraudulent, populist finger at "the greed of Wall Street," and not a peep about the government-sponsored regulatory swamp that is the primary cause of what we're looking at in headlines today. No mouth on that stage has yet formed the words "Fannie Mae" or "Freddie Mac." (!) Tell me: What is wrong with this picture?

- On "climate change," a.k.a. "weather," Biden is spewing 100% faith in the eco-fascist line that EvilGreedyHumanity is the cause of... weather, and that EvilGreedyHumanity must therefore be punished. By government.

- Our "moderator" has just tossed Biden a helpful hint in his narrative with "Clean coal, clean coal." Nice.

- "Ahahahahahaha..." Are we watching a rerun of "The Munsters?" Hmmm... Why do we have a live audien... Oh forget it.

- Ohhh, serendipity! Despite the oddly selective camera POV changes that we're seeing - what union do they serve? - just as Palin is hammering Obama on his naïve pledge to meet face-to-face with international mass murderers, dictators and terrorists, there's another one of those split-screen things (that only show up when Palin is speaking, oddly,) and Biden, visibly knocked off balance, starts a neck-scratch that looks for all the world like someone trying to loosen his collar under the heat. As well it should. 8^D Bravo, Palin!

- One difference I'm seeing here - and I will acknowledge a bias in favor of Palin - is demonstrably obvious: Biden has given a series of what are obviously rehearsed mini-speeches, while Palin has been doing mostly extemporaneous responses off of rehearsed notes. Advantage: Palin.

- She hit it out of the park on education, and our "impartial moderator" appropriated her line by way of dilution... arrggh.

- My scorecard thus far says that, on the surface, these are two appealing candidates. Biden is someone I've always considered oddly likeable, in the manner of a circus clown - he's prone to some of the most spectacular verbal gaffes in American politics (so far absent in this debate) - unfortunately his ideology is entirely antithetical to individual liberty. Palin's palpable, Reaganesque self-confidence and command of both herself and facts and issues is nearly overwhelming. Just now she's touching upon Reagan's "Shining city on a hill" and it's got me ready to stand up and do the wave... Damn! Errrmmm... can we change the GOP ticket to "Palin/McCain?" Just wondering...

- Biden: "They're lookin' for help. They're lookin' for help." Hmmm, that reminds me of a great lady's simple statement: "Life is not one huge hospital."

- Oh, he's off again on another speech, this time the "McCain Is Not A Maverick" speech. Note to Biden: If you're gonna deliver a memorized speech in the context of a debate, you've got to try to keep it from sounding like... a rehearsed speech.

Number one is that you don't launch into it within 200 milliseconds of the "moderator's" prompt, as if we're supposed to believe a polished flourish of immaculate prose just sprung forth unbidden (un-Biden?) from a relatively mundane question. And you don't blurt it out in a machine gun staccato for two solid minutes. Geez.

- Closing arguments... Fluff, mostly, but Biden, apparently victim to some bizarre temporal shift, is going off on the Bush Administration. Closing arguments are speechlike by definition, but Biden is again sounding a little...too rehearsed. "Selfishly may God protect our troops." Huh?

- Ok, what's with Palin's lapel mic volume being jacked up to clipping level, pre and post-debate? 'Guess the Democrat-Socialist technical staff at this debate (say it isn't so!) are hoping for a usable gaffe. Errmm, why are these people so petrified by Palin?

My unvarnished appraisal of "Who won?":

More than any recent debate I've experienced, and (unfortunately) there have been one hell of a lot of them, this one reminds me of a PKA or WBA title bout. In a nutshell:

Nobody was knocked out, but one contender unquestionably dominated the ring: Palin.

To give Biden his due, he fought well and didn't make any major mistakes. But his younger, more articulate and down-to-Earth opponent danced rings around him, despite her often infuriating lapses in philosophical grounding.

As that MSM dweeb ('forget his name but I remember it was weird,) said earlier today: "This election is over."

But only if McCain/Palin don't make any serious mistakes.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What Would Ronald Reagan Do?

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Or more specifically, How Would Ronald Reagan Handle This Bureaucratic Meltdown?

Gee, see if you can guess:

"The government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."

That, in a nice nutshell, is a concise history of the twin Italian-Fascism-Revival entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and how they evolved into the corruption bomb we've just had blow up in our faces.

Where, oh where, is Reagan's brand of cut-through-the-crap leadership today? I'll tell you where it's not, and that's between the ears of that frothing, nonsense-spewing retro-Marxist and economic illiterate Obama, nor that craven conformist and... economic illiterate John McCain.

Gee, I'd like someone to vote for...

Once again, with feeling:

Dear France, can we borrow your President for eight years or so?