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- Ayn Rand, "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" (1961)

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Election '08: CNN's Egg and the GOP's Decision Point

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With the unearthing of every new leftwing connection among the "undecided Republican voters" at the November 28 Republican debate, DNCNN's fraud is further illuminated. At this point we can enjoy the spectacle of that once-reputable news source's implosion, but one further thought:

CNN chose the video "questions" used in the debate, and they chose them for obvious reasons. Contemplate the magnitude of insularity in their assumption that hard-left "gotcha" questions straight from the DNC playbook could be successfully passed off as random GOP voters; the sneering condescension in the assumption that the GOP rank-and-file wouldn't notice.

Amazing. But...not particularly surprising.

Again, call your cable company and ask them to drop CNN networks from their channel lineup in favor of other news outlets - the BBC perhaps, one of Europe's state-run newspeak channels, or maybe Russia's Pervy Kanal.

You know, something a little more honest than CNN.

* * * *

Meanwhile, the current dust-up among the GOP candidates illustrates yet again the destructive power of mixing religion and politics (not to mention the altruist ethics,) or more specifically of its incompatibility with core Republicanism. That, folks, is why this Presidential election has become a kind of decision point on those two opposing alternatives: GOP principles vs. religion.

To the religious wing of the Republican Party, the ideals of Republicanism - indeed, of Americanism in the Founders' conception - have always languished at a distant second place to "social conservatism," i.e., enlisting the power of government in the promotion of religious mores. The results have become a predictable reality: a bloated, slobbering, out-of-control monster government, unchecked even in its growth for decades; a foreign policy riddled with compromise on vital principles even in wartime; subversion of the American electoral process, narrowly averted by an alert SCotUS; an alarming, recent escalation of legislative attacks on the Constitution itself.

Today we are seeing that Republicanism vs. religionism conflict coming to a head, in the full-bore promotion of Huckabee for the GOP nomination - under the auspices of some of the worst exponents of RINOism - the former political director of the NRSC, etc.

Huckabee is best described as one of those horrid political creatures who has the "fiscal" vs. "social" mix exactly backward: fiscally "liberal" and socially conservative - which means he represents the worst elements of left and right, albeit watered-down in both cases. That guarantees him at least temporary support by a mainstream media petrified by the prospect of a Giuliani/Clinton contest a year from now - which, again, I predict will be Giuliani by a heavily-lopsided margin, if not landslide, should those two end up as the contenders.

Huckabee doesn't have the proverbial snowball's chance of winning the nomination, but the MSM - and by extension the Left in general - are all about strategic propaganda. To their reckoning, any second-tier candidate (third, in Huckabee's case,) who can make a strong showing in the primaries will dilute the strength of the first-tier GOP candidates in the eyes of the public, particularly the one they dread most (with good reason) - Giuliani.

More instructive is the phenomenon of Huckabee's support from the vestiges of the religious right.

As I've said, the entire '08 GOP lineup is dismal for anyone loyal to core GOP principles, to wit: advocacy of individual rights; of aggressive and radical reduction of the size, scope, intrusiveness and expense of government in every sphere except those identified by the Founders as justifiable (e.g., the armed forces, the police and the courts); of secular governance; of intransigent, uncompromising defense of America and American sovereignty.

Given what we have to work with, given the current geopolitical situation, and given that the opposition party is populated by frothing maniacs, I've argued that the most rational choice left to us is a placeholder, the candidate with the best chance of beating any Democrat-Socialist and who is solid on at least the one most vital issue facing America, national security.

This forced reduction to crude pragmatism is something that approaches physical pain, but I see no alternative.

That placeholder is: Giuliani.

One need look no further than at the behavior of the leftwing media for confirmation, but Giuliani's status as most likely '08 winner stands to reason: Giuliani, more than any other GOP candidate, enjoys the broadest cross-partisan appeal in terms of both ideology and populism. Whatever votes he loses to the hardcore religious right will be compensated for amply by independents and moderate Democrats disgusted with what their party has become. His imminent nomination could very well prompt the Democrats to snub Clinton in favor of their apparent next-strongest candidate, fellow arch-leftist Obama.

At any rate, the Democrat left clearly see Giuliani as their most formidable opponent in the GOP, particularly if his choice of running mate is strategically sane.

The hardcore religious wing of the GOP have an inter-sectarian abhorrence for Romney's Mormonism so he's out - a good thing too, given that any more RINOs in political office are easily as destructive, if not more so, than radical leftists. That leaves Huckabee. Since for the religious fundamentalists religious affiliation trumps even a political record one would be hard-pressed to distinguish from a big-government Democrat, the religious right have thrown in with him - and by that fact, with the Democrats.

Perhaps it's a premature evaluation, pending Huckabee's elimination. We shall see.

The bottom line is that the majority of rank-and-file Republicans have to decide whether they're voting for President of the United States or Pastor of the National Church. If it's the latter, we can count on a new clutch of rabid leftists in the White House - and likely majorities in both Houses of Congress - at a time when:

- Islamofascism remains a growing threat, with the potential for nuclear attack on America by terrorist elements a new reality;

- Vladimir Putin seems bent on returning Russia to collectivist totalitarianism;

- The Communist Chinese are showing disturbing signs of belligerence and of meddling in Central and South American politics;

- A fool by the name of Rudd has ascended to power in Australia and signed that nation onto the bizarre global totalitarian push calling itself "The Kyoto Protocol," which means America must have an unbending advocate for American sovereignty and human liberty in the White House;

- A number of Supreme Court vacancies are likely to come about through retirement of Stevens, Ginsberg, possibly Kennedy - left-leaning all;

- American governments, Federal, State and local are approaching a critical mass of...sheer mass;

- The state of American education and culture is at a veritable crisis point;

- etc.

The "error buffer" left us by Reagan has been largely burned up - we need someone who is at least semi-sane in charge. That rules out the Democrat Party - and their enablers within the GOP.


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