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- Ayn Rand, "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" (1961)

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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Demo-Socialist Left's Neo-Fascist Lurch

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Just a few minutes ago the space shuttle Atlantis passed overhead on its approach to landing at Edwards AFB. Some 35 years after telling my piano teacher essentially to go to hell while I watched an Apollo launch the comings and goings of human spacecraft are no less thrilling, but I mention it here because it's also a vivid example of government getting something right, albeit at high cost.

At the opposite (gutter) end of the government activity spectrum, the Democrat-Socialist Party's alarming lurch into what can only be described as fascism continues with their new attempt at censorship of political opposition.

In this news item Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma says he overheard Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer talking about finding "a legislative fix" - read: censorship - to the "extremism" of talk radio. Here is the audio of Inhofe's interview on the John Zeigler Show.

Boxer's handlers vociferously deny that any such conversation ever took place and contest the date it didn't occur, but despite the diversions the handwriting Boxer's intellectual clones have etched on the public record remain in place and underscore Inhofe's account with uncontestable fact.

This attack on talk radio is a First Amendment attack to rival that of Traitor McCain's Campaign Censorship Act that was passed as Shays/Meehan in 2002, and something that must be stopped.

If you have a cast-iron stomach and want the full, explicit dope on what the neo-fascist Left have planned for the First Amendment, have a listen to any of the talks given last January at the Left's "National Conference on Media Reform" in Memphis. It was Hanoi Jane, Bill Moyers, Danny "Please Commandante Chavez may I lick your boots" Glover, Jessie "Hymietown" Jackson, Dennis Kuchinich, actress Geena Davis (thankfully in solid clothing,) and a number of lesser-known others.

In short, these neo-fascist Democrat crazies can "propose" all they want, but those in possession of Congressional seats who are talking about this stuff must be exposed and smacked down, hard. Which is the proper job of their ostensible opposition, the Congressional Republicans. As I've said before, if we allow these thugs - or their GOP blood-brothers like the insufferable Trent Lott - to destroy our right to speak, print, assemble and petition, using whatever media we choose, we're all serfs and as good as dead. I recommend rattling their cages, like right today.

I'm no Constitutional lawyer, but I think the GOP should take a new tack with this new crop of Constitution-shredders. Every member of Congress, like the President, swears an oath upon taking office that they will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. If a Congressman authors what is in fact a blatant attack on the Constitution, some form of legal censure needs to be leveled on that member for violating his oath. "Censure" is perhaps toothless but it gets the censor-wannabe's corruption exposed, and hopefully acts as a deterrent against those of similar neo-fascist bent.

I'm getting just a little frustrated out here in ConstituentLand because I expect that such an attitude of no-compromise hardball against this noxious, unconstitutional rot would be second nature for anyone calling himself a "Republican." But I'm not hearing a peep of protest from anyone on the GOP side of the aisle. This must change, immediately if not sooner.

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